Place and date of birth: Leningrad, September 14, 1967
• Secondary arts school n.a. B.V. Ioganson
• Leningrad Art School n.a. V.A. Serov
• Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture n.a. I.E. Repin (the Academy of Arts)
• College of Music and Humanities
Member of the Artists Union of Russia (sculpture division) since 2000.

Since 1990 Elena Fedorovich has participated in city-wide, country-wide and international exhibitions; her personal exhibitions are regularly held in Saint Petersburg and other cities.
Throughout 1996-1998 she led an art studio and her own piano class based out of «Ligovo» juvenile center.
Since 1996 she has been employed by «Prometeus» Central Research and Development Institute of Construction Materials as a sculptor, producing miniature bronze models (animal theme) and medals (300-year anniversary of the Russian fleet; a jubilee medal of «Prometeus» CR&DICM).
Since 1999 Elena Fedorovich has worked with book graphic art. She has provided illustrations for 7 books from the «Literary Legacy of the East» series (Saadi, Babur, Agakhi, Khosrov, Khafiz, Makhtumkuli, Firdausi), as well as «Entertaining Chemistry», «Baptism» and others by publishers «Dilya», «Christmas+», «Rech», «Art Deco».
The artist also collaborates with a number of periodicals, including: «Karandash», «Foma», «Istoriya Peterburga», «Bozhya Korovka», «Voda Zhivaya».
Since 2005 Elena has been an enthusiast of photography and computer image processing.
Since 2011 has lived in France.

Elena Fedorovich works in different genres: animals, portraits, landscapes, still life. The multi-faceted interests and serious education enable her to cover a wide scope of work, having mastery of various styles and techniques.
Elena Fedorovich’s works are meaningful, expressive and manifold in themes. The development of her language in sculpture in graphics was undoubtedly influenced by her musical studies – concurrently with the Academy of Arts she graduated from a music college majoring in piano.
A special and central theme in Elena Fedorovich’s work is animals and their unconventional psychological interpretation dominated by feelings and experiences of animals that are to no lesser extent endowed with emotions by God than humans are.
The author is also attracted to traditional antique themes embodied in graphical and sculptural works dedicated to the Amazons and myths about Europe and Orpheus.
The main idea of «the Amazons» is the song to the Horse: the only loyal friend of the Muse Maiden, far from being a warrior, but nevertheless forced for lead an unending war with surrounding reality.
The intriguing image of Zeus the kidnapper is also of interest: an odd fusion of god and animal and a vivid symbol of earthen love. Nudity here is not erotic, but more a symbol of helplessness and vulnerability of a naive young soul before the deceitful Aphrodite.
The images of nature in Elena’s works are often romantic, which is expressed in their titles: still life works such as «Dreams of the Past», «Two Summers», «Songs of the Dying Flowers» and so on.
From time to time Elena Fedorovich performs live concerts, both as a solo musician and an accompanist, at various venues, such as the Museum House of Chistyakov in Pushkin city, the «Fountain House», the «Eve» center, the Museum of the Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg, the Museum of Vereschyagin in Nikolaev (Ukraine), the Russian Culture Center in Budapest (Hungary), the Orthodox center in Ioensuu (Finland), among others.

The author says the following about her work:
«Arts live in accordance with common laws, amazingly harmonious and complementary to each other.
The main thing is to feel «what» there is to be, and «how» to implement it will solve itself. Hence the lack of desire to stay within the limits of a certain «style» reducing to a common denominator all images, feelings and thoughts, making all works of one author as similar as twin brothers. The manner of implementation must follow the image.
To me of most importance is the freshness of perception, the ability to «grasp» the moment, hence the love for the outdoors and sketches, with their absolute value of instantaneousness».